Monday, December 14, 2009


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Happy X-Mas, truth seekers! Uh, the "X" stands for-- WHAT ELSE -- Chem-X, the active ingrediant in flouride that drives Amerikkkans into a frenzy of "holiday" spending!.

iN THIS (srry caps)(also my delete key is bustedd-- sabotage much?! Classic G-man move) in this day's post of F-TOtIS, I will be exposinbg the most heinous of coverups happening-- TO PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME-- all around the world! Once again, I remind you that I am posting from an undisclosed, mobile i-net hotspot, so any parcels or hard evidence of Government Obfuscation IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO THE CONSTITUTION, should be dropped into the drop box of the old HollyWood Video off of Cliff Rd.

CASE #1: 11rd sighting of "the woman eating in her car." Today the woman followed me for 5 minutes until she finally pulled into the Panera parking lot and went towards the back of the store. What is Panera a front for? Calling onm all free thinkers to investigate the Eagan Panera's day old bread--- which they will no longer give to me! WHAT DO THE LOAVES HIDE?

Main thought: Loaves perfect length for microfilm concealment, "woman eating in her car" never seems to gain wait?
Keywords: Woman, Back, Panera, Inside?, Hidden, Free thinker, new dumpster locks

CASE #@2: The Gundersons. CAUTION TO ALL FREE THINKERS! These "folks" are lying to you! They are NOT what they claim to be. Obviously, these suspicious characters are in the employ of the same black hats and G-men who claim to be preventing any extraterrestrials from infiltrating top government positions.
Evidence #1: Damning anagrams of "Gunderson Family":

Informed Say Lung
YARDMEN Foil Guns <----!!!!!!!!
Dynamo Gels Fir Nu (Dynamo Gels For You)

Uh, yeah. Need I say more? (Rhetorical question) Obviously this is only the first layer of an ever deeper cipher, but COME ON! How much longer will B. Hussein OBAMA deny the existence of the Yardmen, when his goons are throwing it so blatantly in our face?! Without our second amendment rights securely protected (and I HOPE you're not counting on those government puppets in the NRA to do anything about it) we will have no protection against government intrusions into our homes, our schools, or our very minds. I'm serious, people. It's time for this country to WAKE UP. The Gundersons are just the tip of the iceberg here... I WILL EXPOSE THEM.

FRANCIS_BACON1982 signing off.